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RangeBOT information
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What is RangeBOT ?
  • RangeBOT is an advanced enhancement for the MMORPG Tibia © CipSoft GMBH,
  • The BOT includes a number of useful features, you can read about those on the features page!
RangeBOT is the result of three years of research and development, the project started as a private bot back in 2008. It quickly evolved and is now one of the most powerful bots the market can offer.

The project is maintained and hosted by Warpzone Entertainment, which is a registered and legal company with their residence in Sweden.
Technical specifications
RangeBOT is developed in the C language with parts written in Assembler, such as the part where injections of packets into the client is made in order to send text to the chat channel, attack monsters or loot a body for instance.

The bot offers full integration with the game client by DLL injection, which is piped to RangeBOT itself.

Since CipSoft has taken measuers against cheating is another instance of RangeBOT under development for those who needs extra security to the cost of functionality, you can read about our research and how we deal with CipSofts anti-cheat measuers.

RangeBOT, User Interface
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